Today the Department of Awesome Parenting salutes a dad who helped his kids complete one of the most cutting-edge LEGO projects we’ve ever not seen. Yes, you read that correctly. John Wray and his two kids spent the weekend painstakingly assembling an extraordinarily complex 3,200-piece model of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet.

It was a massive undertaking (even the instructions were invisible), but the family worked together and, as you can’t plainly see here, the LEGO model looks exactly like the real thing. Congratulations to the Wray family. You’re super awesome!

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Masters of Anatomy: A Book in Review


Overall Grade: C-

Remember this Kickstarter? I paid $65 CAD for a soft cover copy, and it finally arrived. I could only find one other review on the internet, and it was decidedly brief, so I am giving it a go myself. Because boy have I have got SOME OPINIONS. Its gonna be long with a lot of pictures, so I’ve put it under a cut.

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I was thinking or writing a review of this book myself (and I probably will, once I receive it — I think It`s important to show feedback). But from what I’ve seen in your review and other people`s, it just confirms what I was afraid of.

There is one thing I learned from this project — that is, from now on, if I want to support other artists, I will do so directly, by buying the products they create themselves, or even donating. But it was a bad idea to trust in someone (or some people) acting like the bridge between the artists and the backers, specially because the project creator(s) didn’t care about interacting with the backers, ignored their questions/feedback/complaints and never really showed any process until the book was already going to be printed, 8 months late.

Once again, this has nothing to do with the artists who contributed — I really like them, I follow most on Tumblr/Twitter, etc, and would definitely support them in their own projects. On the other hand, the MoA staff has shown to be a group of untrustworthy people, with not enough competence to make a good KS project and, hopefully, people will think twice before helping them in the future.



NOW RECRUITING for “Wings of Change”! (contact at awambo20@student.scad.edu)

"Wings of Change" is my thesis film for my final year at the Savannah College of Art in Design, and with its developmental stages complete, production is finally underway! As it clocks in at 2-and-a-half minutes and consists of 39 shots, however, I’m definitely going to need some help getting it done on time.

The crew members currently needed for the film are 2-D animators (we’re using ToonBoom, so anything compatible with that must be used), 2-D effects animators, colorers & clean-up artists, sound designers and layout/background artists (who must be flexible and able to match a preset style!).

The goal for the end of this quarter (Nov. 20) is to have all ROUGH animation completed, so 2-D animators are the only crew members immediately needed, but please contact me if you’re interested in helping out for any position at all in the future! You don’t need to be a SCAD student to offer help for the film, but it certainly is a benefit - regardless, outside help is always appreciated!

If interested, please contact me at awambo20@student.scad.edu. You can request a copy of the animatic first if you wish to see if it’s a film you’d like to be a part of. Even if you’re unable to offer help, reblogs to spread the word are much appreciated!

This guy is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g artist and definitely could use some help with his cool project. Spreading the word!